Zionism, Katy Perry and that kind of Stuff..

Even though Katy Perry doesn’t worth being mentioned and I would never write about her on my tumblr even before I heard what she said on Twitter since I find her a terrible singer but this question crossed my mind anyway, for her and everyone with a similar attitude ; “When you did your little prayers you were headed to?! Because God is not truly happy with Colonialism, Rape and Murdering children.”

Unless you are Mars’s salve or you worship Satan himself that would make sense.

History memorize people like ; Ghandi, Che , Florence Nightingale , Angelina Jolie..

On the contrary..Katy and her kind, once the lights die out you will be completely forgotten and till then, The sound of your silence would be so much appreciated.

You guys keep praying for Zionism, And we will keep being Humans.

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This post is posted on Thursday 25 August 2011.
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